Operation Management in China

Having global offices established in Canada and China allows us to quickly and efficiently manage sourcing and operation management in China.
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A practical and unique approach to reduce your manufacturing costs

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A Canadian team with over 40 years of combined experience in Asia

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Count on a team that understands your business reality and that can them apply it in Asia

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Building on 40 years of combined recognized expertise, unparalleled and best in class service, Duviter act as a leading force in the field of operation management in China

Operation Management in China

Count on a team of Canadians who will manage factory operations, supplier relationships, buying duties, local employees, quality control and logistic
  • Benchmark suppliers to validate prices
  • Production supervision at the factory
  • Price and payment terms negotiation
  • Order management and forecasting
  • Continuous process improvements
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Work with reliable suppliers in Asia

Our team will find best suppliers for your products both in China and in Southeast Asia, regardless of the complexity of your project. Furthermore, we possess the capabilities and certifications to Audit any suppliers and ensure the quality of their installations and outputs.
  • Supplier research and benchmark
  • Total costs analysis and recommandations
  • Price and payment terms negotiations
  • Management of P.O.’s and orders
  • Logisitic, duties and brokerage
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Opening and management of offices in China

We can support you to open a WOFE in China as well as with the management of your new office in China, human resources as well as accounting.
  • Creation of a legal entity
  • HR management, social charges and accounting
  • Employee management
  • Management of current business operations in China
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Product Development (D.F.M.)

We bring ideas to life with a dedicated team of designers and support by our product team in China to design products, review technical drawings and research best suppliers to fulfill your needs
  • Design For Manufacturing (D.F.M.)
  • Product development
  • Review of technical drawings
  • Reduce unit production costs
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360° Operation Management in Asia

Our mission is to be present throughout your operational process to ensure clear communication and proper management of operations
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    We help you compare and challenge suppliers, negotiate prices, manage samples and (re) design products

  • 2

    We are present in the factory to supervise production, take charge of orders, releases, consolidation and logistics.

  • 3

    We support your internal teams by managing P.O.'s to Chinese suppliers, deliveries according to forecasts and by grouping shipments to save on transport

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