Your manufacturing partner in China

Our service offer is built around a proactive interaction between all actors involved in the development of new business opportunities in Asia. Our work approach not only ensures that each step is accomplished optimally, but we also focus on continuously improving processes and sustainability of the network put in place for our client’s benefits.

Work with trusted partners that will have eyes on your operations

We value open communication and are able to maintain every channel open by creating long-lasting ties both with our local customers and our network of suppliers with whom we do business with.
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Transparent service

We believe that any good company must have a strong relationship with all its suppliers and complete visibility on its supply chain

Canadian Management

Doing business with Duviter is doing business with Canadian in China who understand your business reality

40 years

Our seasoned team combines over 40 years of experience in Asia working in a wide array of industries

A physical office in China

We have, over the years, built one of the strongest working network of suppliers in China

Team and collaborators

Meet our team

Dominic Venne

Managing Partner | Asia

Gabriel Venne

Managing Partner | China

Kenzo Vezina, MBA

Managing Partner | Canada

Samuel Archambault

Industrial Designer

Chris Wayne

Sourcing Director | China

Mathieu Cormier

V.P. Business Development | China

Li Xue

Graphic Designer

1. Where are our offices

2. Do you work everyywhere in China?

Yes, we travel to all chinese provinces. Most of our factories are based both in the northern regions of Ningbo and in southern cities such as Shenzhen.

We also currently work in Taiwan and Vietnam in order to find all the best suppliers in Asia.

Our mission is to be present with at your suppliers facilities in order to guarantee proper management of operations.

3. Do you work in countries other than China?

Yes, we are currently working with companies  both in Taiwan and Vietnam and have capabilities to support operations in South Korea.

4. We don't have suppliers in Asia. Can Duviter help us?

We help you analyze the feasibility for your projects and will accompany your team to take best advantages of opportunities  in Asia and to compare suppliers, prices and different options.
Duviter will accompany you throughout the decision-making process and will be present on site to ensure monitoring of your production and maintenance of your quality standards.

5. Do you speak mandarin ?

Yes! Several members of our team are fluent in Mandarin (as well as Korean and Japanese!)


Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with one of our team members


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