How is Duviter different from other providers?

In essence, Duviter's combination of regional expertise, tailored solutions, expansive network, operational efficiency, and holistic support sets us apart as the preferred partner for Canadian companies seeking to navigate and succeed in the Asian business landscape.
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Here’s why teams prefer Duviter to help foresee their global operations

Minimize your costs, maximise your return

Asian markets are dynamic and ever-changing. Duviter's adaptable strategies ensure that our clients stay ahead of market trends and shifts, enabling them to make informed decisions.

A Canadian presence in Asia at all time

We offer solutions customized to meet the specific requirements of Canadian companies. This tailored approach ensures that our services align perfectly with our clients' goals and strategies.

We break cultural brdiges

Understanding cultural differences is pivotal in international business. Duviter acts as a bridge between Canadian enterprises and Asian suppliers, facilitating effective communication and collaboration

Grow your reach all while saving

One of the most notable advantages with Duviter is the ability to expand your international workforce without straining your budget. We recognize the significance of growth while maintaining cost-efficiency, which is why our solution enables you to scale your team without excessive financial burden.

Trusted partners with Comprehensive Support Services

Duviter offers a full spectrum of support services, from risk assessment to quality control and market analysis. Canadian companies value our comprehensive approach that addresses various aspects of their operations.
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Efficiency in Operations

We believe that any reputable business should be familiar with its suppliers and establish long-term relationships with them.

Canadian Management

Doing business with Duviter means engaging with Canadian professionals in China who understand your reality

40 years

Our seasoned team boasts over 40 years of combined experience in Asia

China and Vietnam

uviter possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of Asian markets

Our Management Team

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1. Where can I find Duviter ?

→ Montreal, Canada

→ Ningbo, China

→ Hô Chi Minh, Vietnam

2. Does Duviter covers all of China ?

Yes, we frequently travel within China. We have a presence in both northern regions and southern cities like Shenzhen.

We are also capable of traveling to Taiwan, Vietnam and other South-East regions to audit suppliers and do quality control.

Our mission is to be on-site with your suppliers, ensuring a sound management of operations.

3. Do you work in other countries than China?

Yes we cover all of China and a vast part of Asia;

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Thailande
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia

4. I have never been to Asia, how can Duviter help me?

Bridging the cultural gap is crucial for successful international business. Duviter serves as a communication bridge, facilitating effective collaboration between Canadian enterprises and their Asian counterparts.


Furthermore, Duviter has established a vast network of reputable suppliers across Asia. This network gives Canadian enterprises access to reliable partners who can offer competitive pricing and high-quality products.

5. Do you speak mandarin?

Yes, several members of our team are fluent in Mandarin, Vietnamese (as well as Korean and Japanese!).


Feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.


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