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We empower local companies to profit from outsourcing opportunities in Asia by ensuring that quality control and shipping criteria’s are respected while guarantying that the final product will be a carbon copy of the original blueprints – at a reduced cost.

Our global team will go great lengths to find optimal business solutions and
develop long lasting relationships with trustworthy stakeholders.

Our operational structure is designed to enhance cross product line synergies, moving decision making to the point of action. Having global offices established in Canada and China allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to every potential needs our customers could have.
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Transparent service

We believe that any good company must know its suppliers and create long-term relationships with them.

Canadian Management

Doing business with Duviter is doing business with Canadians in China who understands your reality.

40 years

Our experienced team has over 40 years of combined experience in Asia.

China Office

All our client benefit from having a trustworthy partner in China to secure their operations

Our Team

Get to know the people behind Duviter

Dominic Venne

Managing Partner | Asia


Gabriel Venne

Managing Partner | Chine


Kenzo Vezina, MBA

Managing Partner| Canada


Chris Wayne

Sourcing Director

Mikael Charette

Quality Control

Qi Li

Quality Control

Li Xue

Graphic Designer

Robbie Hu

Quality Control

Leon Chen

Quality Control

Peter Lee

Quality Control

Zoey Zhu

Quality Control

Lily Lin

Quality Control

1. Where are our offices

  • Montreal
  • Ningbo
  • Saigon

2. Do you work everywhere in China?

Yes, we travel to accross China frequently. We are present both in the northern regions and in cities in the south such as Shenzhen.

We are also able to travel to Taiwan and everywhere Vietnam to find the best suppliers in Asia.

Our mission is to be present with your supplier in order to guarantee smooth management of operations.

3. In which countries do you work?

Yes, we are currently able to help you work in Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea.

4. I don't buy from Asia, can you help me ?

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our contacts and our past projects allow us to help you find the best solutions.

Our analytical approach allows you to analyze the feasibility for your company of doing business in Asia and compare suppliers, prices and different options.

Duviter will accompany you throughout the decision-making process and will be present on site to ensure monitoring of your production and maintenance of your quality standards.

5. Co you speak mandarin ?

Yes, several of our team members are fluent in Mandarin and Vietnamese (as well as Korean and Japanese!)


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