Strategic sourcing in Asia

We accompany our clients through the whole process of sourcing in China. We help by managing orders, relationships with suppliers, buyer duties and logistic.

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Sourcing in China in 4 steps

We have, over the years, developed a research system that allow our client to source products across Asia all while having a clear overview of the process and of the suppliers implicated
  • 1
    Supplier Field Research

  • 2
    Prices and terms negotiations

  • 3
    Production and quality control supervision

  • 4
    Quality Control

Supplier Field Research

Our local presence allows:

  • Access to unknown suppliers in Canada
  • Access to business organizations
  • Access to a range of contacts offering usually closed access
  • A unique understanding of the market

Terms and prices negociation

Our local presence allows:

  • Face-to-face meetings with suppliers
  • We operate under your company name
  • Building relationships with factory executives
  • Data-driven negotiation
  • Contract creation

Production and quality control supervision

Our local presence allows:

  • Weekly follow-up with suppliers
  • On-site presence at critical times
  • Communication in the local language
  • Project updates for your internal team

On-site Quality Control

Our local presence allows:

  • Being present in the factory when a production is completed
  • Validate the compliance of all products
  • Create follow-up reports
  • Send videos to your teams
  • Access to the Duviter online platform

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