Centralized management of your operations through Duviter.

Centralized your operations

Our teams in Canada, China, and Vietnam take on the role of your buyers to help you reduce your fixed costs.

Reduce procurement costs

Outsource all your internal buying and procurement roles to Duviter's team

A unique field presesence

Duviter becomes the equivalent of your employees, but in Asia. We always provide you with accurate information and negotiate on your behalf.


  • We Research for new suppliers across Asia
  • Comparison with your current sources
  • On-site audit of identified suppliers
  • Sample management
  • Production oversight 

Secure Your Payments

With an on-site team that tracks orders, you can be confident that your products are compliant when you pay your suppliers.

  • Supplier Visits
  • Product Quality Control
  • Validation of Requirements and Certifications
  • Inventory Reconciliation
Quality Control inspector in China and Vietnam

A turnkey solution to streamline your operations

Running a business today is complicated enough. Your Asian procurement solution should be simple and help simplify things. Spend less time managing your purchases and more time managing your business with Duviter
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