Reduce your fixed costs and procurement expenses

Duviter takes on the internal role of sourcing and procurement in Asia at a lower cost than a Canadian employee.

Save on your purchases and fixed costs.


Successful sourcing happens on the field

Benefit from an on-site team that understands Asia. Truly.

Our proven experience shows that a successful project in Asia must be conducted face-to-face with suppliers. Having a team that speaks the local language gives us access to opportunities that would be impossible to find from Canada.

We take on the roles of your internal team.

  • Supplier sourcing and comparison of the best options
  • Comparative analysis of current suppliers
  • Audit of selected suppliers
  • Purchase order (PO) management and follow-up
  • Quality control after production
  • Reduction of your payroll expenses and procurement costs

A turnkey procurement management solution.

Running a business today is complicated enough. Your procurement solution should be simple. Spend less time managing your procurement and more time running your business.
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