A personalized quality control service in China

Work with a team based in China that understands your business reality and that counts over 40 years of combined experience in quality control in China.

Receive a free and personalized action plan

    97/5000 A quality control service in China based around your needs and your specific products

    All quality control project in China first begin by collaborative meeting between your product specialists and our team in order to establish protocols adapted to your specific business reality, to your product and to all standards required by your clients.
    Having a team of Canadians offering services across China and Vietnam, allows us to bring visibility to your supply chain. Our quality control services are performed by seasoned professionals that understand your specific reality and who work on your behalf directly in the factory.

    A simple and proven process

    Our goal is to involve your team at the decision-making and executive level
    • 1
      Internal meeting

      We organize a first meeting with your product team to better frame the project and product specifications

    • 2

      Thereafter, we develop a simple quality control plan and highlighting all important points to manage in China

    • 3

      Once the plan finished, we validate with your team the action plan

    • 4

      Our team will travel to your supplier factories to perform quality control duties and solidify operations management

    Internal meeting

    First, the project begins with a meeting between your product team and our internal team in China and Canada. The purpose of this meeting is to properly frame supplier visits and understand all challenges involved in manufacturing your respective products and inherent factors to consider.

    Development of an action plan

    Following the internal meeting, our team will prepare a quality control action plan in China based on your requests, our recommendations and best industry practices. The objective is to lay clear foundations and a reference system to guarantee a successful project.

    Factory visits (Execution)

    Once the quality control action plan has established and approved by your management team, our team will begin visits to your suppliers in China and establish daily follow-ups with your teams to guarantee sound management on the field.

    Continuous management

    In addition to ensuring sound management, our team will be able to assist you in managing your daily operations in order to help you simplify communications and significantly reduce costs
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